Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream Review

Moisturizing Cream:
Deep Moisturizing Cream
59$ (50 ml)

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On July 13, 2017
Last modified:July 27, 2019


It’s a very good moisturizing cream. Versatile for day and night use

Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream Review

Hi Beauties, moisturizing cream is highly essential for achieving healthy skin and the good moisturizer also prevents our skin from aging. So today I’m reviewing about Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream. So let’s start its detail reviewing.

Price: 59$ (50 ml)

Description of Product

Perfect hydration is essential to the health & beauty of the skin. Ideal for all ages & for normal to dry skin types, thanks to its unique formula this rich, concentrated cream does not merely moisturize the skin from the outside, but also regulates & reactivates the natural processes which maintain the skin’s water balance. The exclusive Collistar NMF Complex re-creates the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) of the skin & guarantees an intense & constant hydration. Besides, plant-based collagen & allantoin carry out a specific action on the skin to ensure maximum moisturization & nourishment, while protecting it from harmful atmospheric agents. Highly compatible with the skin, it is quickly absorbed without leaving traces. Ideal also as a makeup base.

List of Ingredients

Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream Review

My Own Experience of Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream

This Deep moisturizing cream comes in a white cardboard box, and inside it, there is a cute looking glass pot which has plastic screw lid on top. Under screw cap, there is also an extra plastic protector to prevent it from sticking to its cap. Due to its glass pot packaging, it’s quite heavy. This product also comes with the cute spatula which keeps it hygienic.

Honestly, I’m too lazy to use this cream with the help of a spatula, so I always use my finger. The color of the cream is pure white, and the consistency is very smooth and creamy. The thickness of the cream is medium not too thick not too liquidy.

This cream doesn’t block pores which is the best part of it. Due to its smooth consistency, it spreads very well on skin. It doesn’t feel greasy and oily after applying because it is very light weighted. The fragrance of the cream is powdery which doesn’t last long.

After using it I have noticed that it improved my skin texture and now my skin feels much more radiant and refreshed. The absorbing power of this cream is good so that’s why you can also use it as a makeup primer, but you need to an additional UV protection because it doesn’t have any UV protection in it. You can use it as a night cream, and at that time there is no need of UV protection.

I have very sensitive skin, but then also this cream doesn’t  cause any breakouts, pimples and redness issue on my skin. This cream is quite expensive but works great. If it had come with some anti-aging properties, then this cream would be one of best moisturizing cream on the market. Overall it’s perfect moisturizing cream, and I’m very happy with it.

Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream Pros

  1. Absorbs well
  2. Non-oily and non-greasy
  3. Doesn’t cause breakouts
  4. Suits sensitive skin also
  5. Nice fragrance
  6. Makes skin radiant
  7. Improves skin texture
  8. Can also be used as makeup primer
  9. Versatile for day and night use

Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream Cons

  1. Expensive
  2. No UV protection
  3. No anti-aging properties
  4. Heavy glass pot

Beautymycin Rating: 4 out of 5

My suggestion and recommendation regarding Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream

You should try it. It’s a perfect multi-purpose moisturizing cream

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It’s a very good moisturizing cream. Versatile for day and night use
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